It was in Odessa, Texas, where my fascination with the potter’s wheel began. Yet it wasn’t until many years later that pottery became a big part of my life.

In the fall of 2015, the pottery classes I took as a child finally coalesced, as I found my passion in clay and stoneware. I’d always been crafty – having taken up crochet, sewing and other arts before finding my way back to the wheel. Years spent in the field of graphic design have informed my creative output, giving rise to a collection of pieces that reflect both technical expertise and a playful nature.

I have spent more than half my life in Sarasota, and it is there – through interactions with friends and co-workers – that I found the encouragement to take things beyond the level of “hobby.”  My mugs are ever-present around the office, and have moved beyond my circle, given as gifts and used to help raise funds for worthy causes.

I enjoy the challenge of developing new designs, and also fulfilling custom orders by creating one-of-a-kind wares that merge form, function and beauty. Through my TurtleRok website and Etsy shop, I have been able to share my work with others while discovering new ideas to forge in clay.

I am fortunate to have the support of a loving family – who know how important it is for me to express myself through my work, who pitch in where they can, and who will always be my greatest source of joy, hope and inspiration.



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