The Studio


My youth

I was born in a small town - Odessa, Texas and this is where my fascination with the potter’s wheel began. Around the age of about 9 or so, I took a 5-day pottery class for children at the UTPB Campus. As I recall, I was the one that wanted to spend my days at the wheel while everyone else worked on handbuilding. The entire process was challenging - and fascinating. It wasn’t until many years later that pottery became a big part of my life.

My life in pottery begins

In the fall of 2015, the pottery classes I took as a child finally coalesced, as I found my passion in clay yet again. I’d always been crafty – having taken up crochet, sewing and other arts before finding my way back to the wheel. Years spent in the field of graphic design have informed my creative output, giving rise to a collection of pieces that reflect both technical expertise and a playful nature.

I moved to Sarasota, FL with my family in 1995 and met the love of my life here in 2007. We married in 2009 and started our family here. We began to take family vacations to the Blue Ridge mountains during the summer months and it was there that I found pottery again. My mother-in-law, Marietta and I were shopping around town when we happened upon a local Blue Ridge pottery studio. We both enjoyed finding a local pottery mug to take back home, but this trip became so much more than that. Marietta so kindly watched my children while the studio owner and I spent a couple of hours at the wheel together. It was a short couple of months later that we invested in my first potter's wheel. After several months of toiling on the wheel and learning how to create again, I found the encouragement though family, friends and co-workers to take things beyond the level of “hobby.”

Since then, each year that passes, I find myself pulled in new and exciting directions with my art. I will always look forward to creating and learning amazing new things.



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